For this project, I researched and designed a number of strategic webpage designs for a creative collective's website. The collective, titled Pilcrow seeks to promote and support a new generation of creative designers, artists and creatives. The site showcases work, hosts articles and interviews and promotes members.


I started researching and gaining a better understanding of the brief. I then did some visual research to generate a better understanding of the requirements in which a design website needs. My process featured a lot of experimentation, to gain a better grasp of what I wanted to achieve. I started off sketching on paper and creating wireframes to generate ideas for the main pages. Once I had an idea of what the main pages would look like, it made it a lot easier to bring together the rest of the website pages. In the process, I created a site map to get a better grasp of the website flow, and content I needed for the website. After a lot of changes in the process and testing out the user experience. Once the website desktop was created, I then designed the mobile version of the website. Overall, I enjoyed the learning outcome from this project, I enjoyed making and creating a website design that resulted in a finished product.