The Highly Creative

The Highly Creative campaign is a visual celebration of creativity, based on music that was inspired by psychedelic drugs. It aims to open up a conversation about the possibilities of heightened creativity and how this can be achieved through drug use, in music and possibly in other sectors. The idea for this hypothetical campaign was inspired by how music has been used to drive mass political movements throughout history such as ‘Rock against Racism’ and the ‘Red Wedge’. Highly Creative, however, focuses on the idea of creativity and creative freedom instead of politics.

By looking at the connection between Cannabis and hip-hop, LSD and rock and MDMA and house music, three different typographic experiments emerged. To further develop this campaign, I created a campaign identity, posters that fold down to three distinctive booklets, animations, murals and various other campaign assets. 


My process always starts with research. After deciding on my project topic, I researched each specific drug in depth so that I could carry across the effects of these drugs into my visual experimentation of the song it is connected to through typography. After many typographic experiments, I settled on three of my favourite ones and applied them into poster design. As each of these posters fold down to booklets, the placement of type was really challenging to get right. I made various mock-ups and drafts to figure out where to place each page of the booklets to get it ready for printing.