The Confidence Gap

When going from holding 67% of places in design courses to holding only 11% of the leadership roles within the design industry. This plummet in percentages is down to something called the ‘confidence gap’.

Women systematically underestimate their skills and abilities while men overestimate theirs. This lack of confidence from women and their inability to congratulate themselves allows men to reach for opportunities and to succeed in leadership roles time and time again. Male and female designers are equally competent but retain inequal feelings of self-belief. This widens the confidence gap. Through a series of posters, I highlight these facts as well as focusing on the subconscious bias we hold against ourselves and the beliefs men and women have about themselves, how we can change our mindset to close the confidence gap and get more women into leadership positions. I also created a short animated sequence which would be released as an advertisement for a campaign on social media.

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When starting a project with as many design opportunities as this it can be quiet daunting - especially when we are used to knowing exactly what our deliverables are. My biggest challenge during this project was figuring out what I wanted to choose as my subject matter. Female issues are very important to me and as these statistics are relevant for myself and my fellow graduates I felt it was important to highlight this issue in particular. I started the project like I start every other project - dissecting the language used in the briefs and in the research I conduct. I feel this is the only way to really understand a concept or subject and what it is I need to communicate to my target audience. I then moved into the thumbnail and sketches stage to try to identify a visual language for my design. There were many versions and attempts to create an identity that I felt could communicate my message. I designed these posters with the intention to create a social media campaign that would spread awareness about this important issue and I plan to continue this strategy. Stay tuned to my Instagram for updates.