For this project we were asked to design a website for Pilcrow, a creative collective that looks to support and promote young designers and creators. It aims to showcase its members while also inspiring young up and coming creatives. For the website my approach was to keep the site organised and easy to navigate for the user as I wanted the creative work to be the main focus as well as interactive features. One way that I looked at promoting members was through a weekly spotlight feature which displayed different artists and creative pieces of the week which would appear on the homepage. I also included a studio page on the website which features images of different creative pieces created by the members. This page is useful to inspire other creatives while also showing the work in a format that is easy and quick to scroll through. If the user wished to look further at any project they can click on the image which will bring up more information.



The first step for me when starting a new project is to analyse the brief and examine what Is being asked of me so this is how I began creating the website. The second step was to then do some background visual and contextual research, this was to inform my own design approach and thinking. I looked in depth at websites that worked well both visually and interactively and I took notes of things that could work. After this I began to roughly sketch wire frames and sketches of how the website might look. I also created a site map. After these stages I then began to prototype and design the website, I got user feedback and feedback from my tutor which allowed me to make changes and tweaks that I might not of been aware of.