The Michael O’Connor Poster Collection

The Michael O’Connor Poster Collection is a singular eclectic gathering of international posters of historical and cultural significance. Comprising of over 2,800 items, the collection was generously donated by avid collector Michael O’Connor to the Limerick City Gallery of Art. Due to the magnitude of the collection, the majority of the posters cannot be displayed. In order to make the collection accessible to a wider audience, we designed an application that serves as a digital archive. Amongst multiple features, the app provides users with the ability to add information about lesser-known posters and has an augmented reality function that can be used while visiting the gallery. This project was created in collaboration with Nicholas Pender.︎︎︎


We first identified problems regarding the collection, such as logistical and accessibility issues, as well a lack of information and context. From here we conducted competitive research which highlighted the need for specific functionalities. This provided us with opportunities when creating our solution. We surveyed a randomised group of people which gave us a better understanding of the audience. Based on this information, we created user personas which helped us establish their goals and frustrations. We began brainstorming potential solutions for both the issues surrounding the collection and the users’ needs. This led to us creating affinity diagrams and user journey maps. Following this, we sketched wireframes and began creating a low-fidelity prototype which we then developed into a high-fidelity prototype. Changes were made following extensive user testing where we identified possible pain points. Having addressed these issues, we finalised our design resulting in the finished app. Using the visual language of the app we developed the brand further and created varied outputs for the collection.