Life After Rugby 

I chose to deal with the subject of Rugby for my Open Project. The Campaign dealt with what happened to the players after their professional careers. The campaign doesn’t deal with the obvious physical effects of the sport but the mental side to it, showing how the players have had to deal with dementia, loss of identity and depression afterwards. The animation shows the journey of the player, putting an emphasis on the collisions involved in the sport. Collisions are increasing and becoming more common due to the sheer size of the players and the rules that are currently in place. Visually the animation is dark and to the point to send a strong message. It also takes on a slow pace and forces us as the fans to reflect on the subject while watching. The final message is clear, we need to support and help these players. A motion piece leads the campaign followed by a website and social media presence along with external assets such as a Match Day program and Stadium banners and Post padding.


My process involves a number of steps. I always begin by researching the matter in great depth. In this case, I broke the research into two areas,  Informative and Visual. Informative research involved reading articles, listening to podcasts and gathering statistics on areas such as concussion, the modern player and possible rule changes in the sport. I then moved onto visual research, this was broken into two areas. The first involved looking at how existing campaigns were rolled out, through what means and how they handled the messages behind them. The second step involved looking at projects and creating a mood board. I pulled images from various fields such as maths graphs, sportswear, engineering and sports science. My research then allowed me to structure the narrative. Concept sketches were developed through the story and a rough storyboard was in place. I then began to problem solve and create scenes mainly through the 3D Blender software and after effects. The final animation then came about from this. I created secondary assets such as a Website and Social media account followed by some Stadium visuals to push the message of the campaign further.