My final year project titled Seed is a magazine that focuses on promoting the benefits of owning houseplants and aims to educate plant parents on how to properly care for their plants. The idea for this project came about from being in lockdown whilst living within an urban city. Personally, I really enjoy being outdoors and feeling connected to nature but living in a city and not being able to travel had me feeling disconnected from nature and I found myself turning to houseplants as a way of feeling more connected. After some research, I learned that owning house plants has many benefits including reducing stress, improving mental health, improving productivity and reducing air pollution whist also making your home look more aesthetic. I wanted to make others aware of these benefits and so Seed was created. Seed is a heavily photography-based magazine with accompanying illustrations and informs people on how to affectively care for your houseplants.


Whilst creating this project, I learned that I really enjoy photography more than I thought I did. Taking the photos of the plants was a challenge as I didn’t have access to the photography studio in college at the time due to Covid but I overcame this challenge by setting up my own at-home-studio setting. I really enjoyed the process of setting up, taking and editing the photos and seeing the final outcome. For the magazine, I created illustrations of the plants using the photos I had taken as a reference. I really enjoyed this process as illustration is my favourite thing to do. When it came to creating the branding and putting the magazine together, there were a few challenges I had to face. I wanted the look and feel to be unique and wanted the magazine to be something that was informative yet also visually appealing. I wanted every spread to be interesting, so that if it was left open on a coffee table in your home it would also serve as a décor piece.