Thank God it’s Monday

The “best-dressed mental-health problem”, work addiction is a growing problem in our fast-paced, industrialised world. Characterised by working excessively long hours and being unable to detach from work mentally, work addiction can be extremely damaging for the individual’s wellbeing and relationships. For many work-addicts, their sense of self-worth is based on their productivity and all non-work activities become a source of guilt. ‘Hustle culture’, or more accurately referred to as ‘toil glamour’, celebrates such relentless attitudes towards work, convincing workers to buy into their own explotation.
T.G.I.M. is a satirical piece of propaganda looking to
induct a new generation of workers into the ‘work-as-religion’ lifestyle. The aim is for the audience to question their values and ask what are we really working for?


The content for the piece was written in collaboration with the writer Katy Finnegan. Each spread features a subversive proclamation, calling on the viewer to choose ‘success’ over happiness.

Supplemented with quotes pilfered from a wide variety of sources, including Seamus Heaney poems and the Bible, each one decontextualised and warped to fit the T.G.I.M. narrative.
Similarly, stock imagery was used in a skewed take on corporate visual language.

I conducted a number of photoshoots, one of which was done in collaboration with the photographer Maria McSweeney.

I paid particular attention to the typography of each spread, trying to express the dysfunctional narrative through the letterforms.