Fake News

‘Fake news’ is a term formerly used to describe intentionally fabricated news stories, but today the term is used to describe virtually anything that does not mesh with one’s own views. Society was once aware of the authenticity of the content being consumed, however over the course of the most bizarre year of 2020, any story seems plausible. Because we are consuming an incredible amount of content daily, more and more fake news is surfacing with 63% of young adults admitting to falling for such content.

Studies have shown that it takes one 250th of a second for someone to react with content that strikes an emotion, meaning that we do not take the time to critically analyse new information before we respond. This campaign aims to remind the public to ‘think before you click share’. In an effort to combat the spread of fake news and the unnecessary anxieties that circulate around society, this project reminds them to take the time to analyse new information before passing it on. 

The combination of the current most popular fake news topics with the surreal and handmade nature of collage, aims to highlight our power over the spread of fake news if we simply don’t click the share button.



Like all projects, having a deep understanding and educated knowledge for the topic of the project is imperative and is essential for coming up with strong and unique concepts. So, I spent a lot of time researching every aspect of fake news before coming up with a solution. 

I got the chance to challenge and develop my copywriting and image-making skills in this project. It was important for me to come up with imagery that depicted an area of fake news that didn’t appear too real but was still obviously fake, just like the nature of some fake news stories. This was very challenging but by experimenting with collage and making a lot of different prototypes, I was eventually able to overcome this and create a campaign that I am really proud of.

A good bit of time was spent bouncing back and forth between words that best articulated my message to provoke the public to think more about what content they share online. I really wanted the copywriting to be memorable and be hard to forget in the viewer’s mind, so getting the right words and perfect hierarchy was crucial so that I could achieve that goal.