This Side, That Side

The internet has made it easier for people’s music listening experience to be more varied and diverse than ever before. Streaming services have also helped the average music listener have more access to different kinds of musicians and artists from around the world. There is a perception in “Western” society that music fans among us already have broad music taste, but is this true? Research into diversity and representation in music listening, in Ireland and globally, reveals there is still an issue with radio stations and traditional media not dedicating enough airtime to non-white, non-male artists.

This campaign positively promotes the idea of diversity in music. This Side, That Side consists of an informative publication, along with a poster series, and an engaging and interactive social media campaign. The publication itself is a 40-page booklet of gathered research on the topic of diversity as well as results from my own conducted survey, revealing the true nature of music fans listening habits. The social media campaign includes motion graphics and music discovery challenges for music lovers to take part in. The posters also act as a reminder to music fans to be more conscious of diversity.


For the final project of fourth year I was presented with an opportunity to come up with my own brief on a subject I liked. Being an avid music listener I felt it would be fun to explore solutions to problems only music fans would have. Diversity was a subject I felt was important and was very much relevant to music-listening today. One challenge I had with this project was deciding on the right format to present this topic as well as show my skills. I went back and forth through many different options and iterations, like creating an app, making a folded-zine, and various different sizes of books.

I also struggled with printing drafts of the publication especially during Covid restrictions, and figuring out the pagination and quality. However I did learn a lot about editorial and gained the confidence to experiment with layout and typography. I was really inspired by Matt Willey and his approach to designing spreads. This project overall taught me how to create a campaign that well-rounded and easy for the audience to navigate. A campaign that is not just informative but also promotes good habits while engaging the viewer.