The book is a journey through how we experience our home as an extension of the individual-self. It includes different examples of living, from the luxury mansion to the tiny house. This project is to raise awareness on the way we live, and it displays that often downsizing our lives helps us to reconnect with ourselves, with others and with everything that surrounds us.

The book comes in a slipcase that symbolically represents the exterior of the house and the mask that we use in public. The cover is a silver colour that reflects the face of who is holding the book, just as the house reflects the individual-self.

The pocket-sized book delivers functionality and it backs up the concept of downsizing.


This was the first time I designed a book, and it has been challenging especially at the beginning. It took me a bit to decide what style would best deliver both of my concepts, where one is more functional, such as the downsizing of our living space, and the other one is philosophical, such as the house as the centre of a man’s universe. I also wanted to deliver a book that reflects my style.

Once I decided on the layout and the grid it was easier. To emphasize the concept of downsizing and more simply, I applied a minimal approach to the book, with a limited colour palette of three colours (white, black and red). The use of Helvetica aims to achieve that timeless Swiss style that I like so much.