The Illusion of Control

The Illusion of Control is an A2 publication and my recent, self-directed final year project created for fourth year. The topic explored is ‘the illusion of control’. It is important for us as users to be aware of the content and media we take in on a daily basis. We think we are choosing what we see and are exposed to but in reality, we are a part of a larger plan induced with algorithms and numbers. We can often fall into an echo chamber or reality tunnel where we go deeper and deeper into seeing the same things but in different variations. We lose our peripheral vision to other genres and cultures as we get sucked down our own personalised rabbit hole. This publication is for people to educate themselves on the topic and to think about what they are exposing themselves to everyday. 



When it comes to my process of a project, I usually go through the brief multiple times and highlight the important pieces of information. In this case, I researched the topic of the ‘illusion of control’ because I am very interested in it and found any information I could gather around the topic. After finding an article that helps explain the message I am trying to share, I start my next step which is conceptualising and gathering up images that inspire my ideas. With this project, I established a style that fits my concept. I take photographs for my editorial and go into their coding and edit it to create spontaneous glitches. Using the assets created, the next step is to make different variations of the editorial and tease them out until the final piece is created. One obstacle I have faced was creating the editorial. Although I enjoy editorial design, I have not created many of them, so figuring out where to put headings and text was difficult. I really enjoyed creating the images and seeing what way they will glitch.