As I have such a flair for illustration it felt very natural to base my final project around a series of illustrations I created while also touching on my other interests in advertising and editorial design. My project, entitled ‘Influence’, uses a series of satirical illustrations to highlight how beauty products are marketed towards women specifically through the lens of social media advertising and how idealistic images are used to incite a feeling in consumers that they must own these so called ‘wonder products’ in order to reach this unattainable ideal. Influence aims to encourage viewers to ask themselves if they are over-exposed to this new form of guerrilla advertising in a colourful and humorous way, encouraging a conversation around the impact this exposure can have on a woman’s mental health.

Influence also aims to highlight the only reasonable answer to this issue; to take matters into our own hands about what’s in our hands, control our intake of these images and remember that they are simply advertising strategies designed to sell products. Ultimately, I have designed a ‘campaign against campaigns’, working across a wide range of scenarios where women may find them; bus stops on adshels, posters in businesses and educational buildings, an animation for social media and also a magazine-style publication to stand out against a background of glossy nonsense.


Although I knew I wanted to base my concept around modern advertising strategies, I didn’t know through which specific lens I wanted to look at this topic. In order to find my unique take on this subject I carried out a lot of research and ideation through brainstorming. Once I had overcome the challenge of finding the aspect to this idea that interested me the most, my concept quickly started to take shape. As I intended to target female-oriented advertising, I drew up a mind map of products which could inspire some imagery and began a visual brainstorm.

From there I gathered reference imagery from sources online and started to create the illustrations. Once I had drawn up the outlines and created the satirical ‘wonder products’, I experimented heavily with colour in order to compile a palette that would help enhance the communication of the imagery and also catch the eye of the viewer. I chose to depict hands and no clear rendering of a face in order to instil a feeling in the viewer that they could place themselves in the images and relate to the concept on a more personal level. The punchy colour palette I chose also relates to the unattainable nature of the imagery that I chose to raise awareness about, in that none of the colours used can be found in a natural environment. Having compiled a series of ten illustrations to work with, I then brainstormed for some punchy copywriting, which would further enhance my communication, to accompany the imagery. Heavy experimentation across numerous iterations eventually then gave rise to my finished pieces.