Mind Wander

There is a constant pressure to be productive. We are supposed to be working, studying or ticking off things on your to-do list. The pressure of being constantly productive and doing focused work can lead us to burn out and this can be damaging to our mental health. Daydreaming seems like a waste of our valuable time, but taking that break helps with our memory, creativity, problem-solving and helps our overall wellbeing. This project encourages us to see daydreaming as a productive activity and provides a platform for creatives to unfocus. Mind Wander brings people dreamy narratives and an online community to stimulate their own creativity that they can share with other wanderers.


I start by researching and getting a better understanding of the topic. Then I do visual research to generate some ideas on the projects look and feel. My process is a lot of experimentation. For this project I was looking at the concept of unfocusing and its benefits. I start off brainstorming and sketching on paper to generate ideas and concepts. I created narratives by doing sketches and placing them together in different ways to see what worked together. Once I knew the story, I drew out the illustrations on paper and then scanned them in to add colour and textures. I experimented with different colours, textures, layouts and paper stock until I found what worked. Once I was happy with the illustrations, I began to add movement and creating content for social media to bring the project together.