Rift Coffee

This cheerful and virtuous brand identity was created as part of a re-branding project for an existing café called Rift Coffee. The logo itself emits positivity with its smile-like letters and curvaceous character. The brand values - transparency, community, virtue, and recess - are communicated through the refreshed logo. The brand’s playful yet concise nature is affirmed by its tagline: ‘quality creates happiness’. A playful pattern was also designed to be placed upon the café’s stationery and packaging. This pattern communicates the artsy and friendly experience provided by Rift Coffee, with icons embedded amidst the patterns, showcasing the variety that Rift Coffee offers on their menu (snacks, coffee, tea, wine, etc). The colours used introduce a contemporary and warm nature to the brand’s audience, with colour pairs and trios used for different sectors within the brand. To produce this final product, focus was primarily put towards outlining the business’s brand story, values, tone of voice and target market. To cater towards all that Rift Coffee offers, a variety of label implementations can be applied on takeaway packaging, tea and coffee packaging, tags, bags, etc. A campaign, centred around creativity and the community, was also designed to promote the renewed brand.



I thoroughly enjoy the process of developing or refreshing a brand identity. The journey of transforming initial concepts into tangible mediums of storytelling is highly rewarding and necessary in bridging the gap between consumer and brand. My primary learning from this project was centred around the importance of delivering a brand’s message cohesively - above “prettiness” and design elements. I realize that the secret is not just about “thinking out of the box” regarding the design itself, but rather “thinking out of the box” in matters of communication, alongside making the product or service as personal as possible. My final brand identity was achieved by understanding Rift Coffee’s current objectives and strengthening them in relation to audience, products, and brand personality. I then proceeded to translate my extensive research into numerous logo drafts, which were refined by the brand’s purpose, target audience and values. Overall, the process that I particularly enjoyed was developing campaigns that work alongside the brand identity and assist Rift Coffee to create and maintain personal connections.