Super Plants

My final year project is called Super Plants. The pack of cards teaches children and their parents about the many ways that plants can be used and also highlights their medicinal properties.

This project serves an educational purpose on the most common plants that grow in our Irish gardens and parks. My aim was to create a fun learning activity and to allow children and their parents the opportunity to learn the ‘super plants’ names and about their medicinal super-powers.


I started with researching about plants. Then, I narrowed it down it to medicinal properties. I wanted to create simple, hand-drawn illustrations that will attract attention not only from children, but also from their parents. I chose ten plants that grow in our Irish gardens that are easy to find and use.
I created a few different approaches and experimented with various colours and layouts. The short movie is the final piece of this project and its purpose is to promote ‘super plants’ for the audience.